Crosslink Music is a digital record label missioned to maintain a high quality output within modern techno. Focus is on Progressive, Tech ‘n Deep flavoured quality vibes from both established artist and newcomers.


Crosslink Music is run by Lars (No Sonic Limits), who have received widespread recognition from his earlier collaborations as well as individual projects and releases, gaining him confirmed support from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Matt Darey and Jody Wisternoff.


Got some über cool beats you think will suit Crosslink Music? Then don’t hesitate! Use the form to upload your demo track.


Please only send your track as 320kbps mp3 or equivalent quality format. We’re perfectly fine with m4a and aac too. Use WeTransfer, private Soundcloud or other streaming platform link or just upload it directly from the form on the left.


Your submission may be aired in Crosslink Music Worldwide radio shows or played live at gigs and events.